New mix, get your download on!



1. DJ Jazzy Jeff – Stronger Than Me (feat. Rhymefest & Dayne Jordan)
2. The Internet – Stay the Night
3. Children of Zeus – Fear of a Flat Planet (Feat. LayFullStop)
4. Tom Misch – Wake Up This Day (Feat. Jordan Rakei)
5. Funky DL – The Benevolent Harlequin
6. H.E.R. – I Won’t
7. H.E.R. – Focus
8. Ledisi – Hello
9. A June & J Beat – If It Hadn’t Been For You (Inst.)
10. Omar – Feeds My Mind (feat. Floacist)
11. Moonchild – The List
12. Soul Revival – Out of Time


If for some reason you’re unable to use the player or download normally (right click and save as), I’ve uploaded this episode to File Dropper in a .zip form: Episode 145